Our Team

Gregory M. Pressman, P.E. - President

Gregory M. Pressman, BSME President Professional Engineer, licensed in the States of: FL:85810 PA: 044176 NJ: 40497 DE: 10536 MD: 21570

Thirty five years of experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering, that includes design, construction and maintenance of various industries such as nuclear, defense and healthcare facilities. Renovation of existing air conditioning systems, layout of natural and liquid gas pipelines; LNG and cryogenics build storages; medical gases installations, steam/condensate return and chilled water pipelines. Presently: responsible for management of mechanical/electrical and plumbing design and construction administration activities. Manage and operate Pressman and Associates for 29 years.

Previous Employment:

  • Bechtel Power Co. - Midland, MI. Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Fluor/Daniels - Callaway Nuclear Power Plant
  • Kansas Gas and Electric - Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant
  • Plant Engineer at Olin Co./Winchester Group.

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Gregory Pressman

Len M. Kuris - Principal Engineer- HVAC

Len M. Kuris, BSME
Principal Engineer - HVAC

Presently: Responsible for the complete engineering design and project management of HVAC systems for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, such as Heating/Cooling load calculations; low and high pressure HVAC systems; selection of HVAC equipment; develop construction specifications; coordinate design and installation activities with clients.

Previous Employment:

  • Burns-Pak, Inc. Edison N.J. - Senior HVAC Engineer.
  • HACBM, Princeton, N.J. - Senior HVAC Engineer.
  • IPS, Norristown, Pa. - Senior HVAC Engineer
  • Vitetta Groups, Philadelphia, Pa. - HVAC Engineer.
  • Hains Lundberg Waehler, NY, NY - HVAC Engineer.
  • J. R. Loring, NY, NY, - Mechanical Engineer.

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Len Kuris

Yelena D. Epstein, BSME
Principal Engineer - Mechanical/HVAC Commissioning

Presently: Responsible for engineering design and commissioning projects for industrial, pharmaceutical, R & D Laboratories and commercial projects. Also, design of low/high pressure steam and condensate systems; hot water preheat and reheat generation and distribution systems; refrigeration systems. Clean room design; Active, Passive and Directional air systems controls. Energy efficiency study and re-commissioning; Heat recovery systems.

Previous Employment:

  • Vaderweil Engineers, Lawrenceville, N.Y. - Senior Project Engineer.
  • CUH2A, Inc., Princeton, N.J. - Senior Project Engineer.
  • Life Services Inc., Philadelphia. Pa. - Project Engineer.
  • Gilbert Commonwealth - Pipe Stress Analysis Engineer.

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Lena Epstein

Michael Versh, BSEE
Senior Electrical Engineer

Presently - responsible for electrical field survey, electrical design of: electrical power, lighting, fire alarm. Developing single line and riser diagrams; switchgear and cable sizing. Electrical calculations and development of panel schedules. Design of commercial, industrial, retail apartments, restaurants.

Previous Employment:

  • Kling Lindquist Stubbins/Jacobs Co. - Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Javan Engineering, Inc. - Fort Washington, Pa.
  • Burt Hill - Philadelphia, Pa
  • GCSA Engineering, Inc. Princeton, N.J.

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Michael Versh

Richard E. Rodzwic

Certified Plumbing Designer
Certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspector.
Certified Commercial Plumbing Inspector.
Certified as a "Master Plumber" City of Philadelphia.

Presently: responsible for complete plumbing design, such as layout of sewer, vent, cold and hot water pipelines within designed buildings; design of waste and vent riser diagrams, sizing and layout of natural gas pipes. Familiar with International Plumbing Code; National Plumbing Code; Philadelphia Plumbing Code.

Previous Employment:

  • Vinokur-Pace Engineering - Senior Plumbing Designer.
  • Adcock and Matz, - Staff Plumbing Designer. Jenkintown, Pa.

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Richard Rodzwic