Pressman and Associates designs the following systems:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.
  • Steam/Condensate Return Piping.
  • Temperature and Humidity Control.
  • Lighting.
  • Power Distribution: Standby & Uninterruptible Power.
  • Fire Alarm.
  • Plumbing.
  • Process Piping.
  • Medical Gases.
  • Providing comprehensive testing of a mechanical system's performance - HVAC commissioning.
  • Design of HVAC, electrical and plumbing portions of the building to comply with the LEED Certified requirements.

HVAC Commissions
Our commissioning engineers have full access to our staff of design engineers and construction managers for technical support. This allows us to provide the level of technical expertise needed to ensure project success.

A Technical Approach to Commissioning
Pressman and Associates employs a commissioning group which enables us to commission a broad range of projects from a single system to a complex facility. Our commissioning team is composed of experienced engineers and construction managers, proficient in MEP system design, and have the ability for the independent engineering design review and assure of the most efficient and economical installations and operations.

Langhorne, PA engeneering company

Commissioning Services Include:
  • Engineering Design Review.
  • Commissioning Master Plans. (Cx Plan).
  • IQ, OQ, PQ Protocols Development.
  • Installation Verification.
  • System Performance Verification.
  • Testing and Balancing Report Review.
  • Deficiency Tracking and Resolution.
  • Owner Training Manuals.
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).
  • Critical Spare Parts Evaluation.
  • Warranty Period Review.
  • LEED Certification.
Retro-Commissioning Services:
  • Systems Operational Investigation.
  • Building Systems Optimization.
  • Energy Conservation Measure (ECM).
  • ost Estimates.
  • Testing and Balancing Verification.
  • Measurement and Verification Plans.
  • Decommissioning.
  • Building Envelope Investigation.